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Linda Coehoorn
W11764 Rose-Eld Road - Ripon WI, 54971
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Checs Super Deesign

Sonnys Chance Joaker x Jesta Smokin Jessa (homozygous dun)

April 10, 2008 - AQHA #5046930/IBHA #P-26964 - 82% NFQHA - Grulla Gelding

Good Morning!
Spider is doing really well! He loaded so nice, I was very impressed. We stopped three times on the way home to check him and he was cool as a cucumber. It took us a little longer to get home but the ride was good. When I got home he waited patiently for me until I asked him to back out. He wasn't spooky of the new surroundings, he just wanted to eat:) I walked him around the property several times and then introduced him to my 5 yr old. They love each other, like two peas in pod! No running wild or anything, just a few squeals and snorts. He really just clings to mine,... And they look so good together, they compliment each other so nicely. So all is well,...he had a good nite and they are eating together now. I'll probably work him on the longe line today and brush and comb him out nice.
Thanks again! He's a good boy. I'm going to be spending a lot of time with him :)
I'll keep in touch!
Sonnys Nu Moon

Sonnys Chance Joaker x Smokin Bars Bueno

2008 AQHA Palomino - Creme with Dun Factor Filly - AQHA #5039525/IBHA #A-26881
Nominated to the AQHA Incentive Fund

April 23, 2010
*Hi Linda, I just wanted to give you an update on gypsy. She is doing great! I got on her back yesterday for the first time and I got her moving under saddle. She is doing a great job, she has been a breeze so far. I absolutely love her personality, she is so willing to please. I think she is going to be a wonderful horse. I can't thank you enough!!!
Sonnys Musical Minx
Sonnys Goldun Zip

Dear Linda,

Minx and Taffy arrived after 12 hours on the road in great condition. They handled the trip like seasoned pros. You had to keep reminding yourself that there were two horses on board, they were so well behaved on the trailer the entire 12 hours.

We walked Taffy off the trailer and immediately handed the lead over to my 11 year old daughter. Taffy is SO sweet and gentle and SAFE. She is the PERFECT horse for my daughter. I would never just hand a new horse over to my daughter but Taffy is so obviously safe that it never crossed my mind not to. She is very respectful of handlers. She lunged beautifully the next day, she moves real well, she engages her rear end and doesn't lean on the front end or shoulders. You can do absolutely anything with her and she just obliges you. What a wonderful, sweet horse to work with. I can't wait till we start riding her, with what we saw on the lunge line today, she is going to be great.

Minx is awesome too. She is so brave and sure of herself, very extroverted. She loves being handled and is a real pleasure to work with. She is a big strong mare but still elegant and very feminine. I have only worked with her on the ground so far but I bet she could rein too. When you apply a hand to her side she moves over promptly and smoothly, responding perfectly to the pressure. I can't wait to get a saddle on her too. She is great to work with, very safe and she wants the attention. I love looking at her, she is so correct and nicely put together. When I lunged her and she stopped, or when I was brushing her, or just walking her from place to place, every time she stops, she just naturally squares up. She is so balanced and has such nice bone.

Thank you so very much for these two wonderful horses. It is obvious that you have put a lot of time into the breeding and handling of these horses. They are so good minded and well mannered and most importantly SAFE and SANE. When you take into account that to properly care for a horse, most of your time is spent handling them on the ground, it is such a pleasure to receive two horses that are such a pleasure to deal with on the ground and properly care for. They pick up there feet, stand nicely for grooming, respect the humans handling them and are both so sweet and friendly. The fact that they are pretty and already ride well is like a bonus.

All my friends were so worried because I bought these horses over the internet without seeing them in person, just from pictures and information on your website. Everyone was pleasantly surprised when the horses got here and were everything you said they were and so much more. They exceeded everyone's expectations. It was such a pleasure dealing with you. You are so professional, friendly and HONEST! I look forward to keeping you updated on their progress.

Thank you for making my year.

Karen Wheeler
Burlington, Ontario, CANADA
The Joaks On Sonny

Sire: Sonnys Chance (grullo) Joaker out of Fit Tasmokem All (grulla)

2007 AQHA - RED DUN - Colt

Baron arrived tonight. He sure was calm and settled in as if he had always lived here - WOW!!! Impressive! And especially after being on the road for 3+ days - he obviously is very good natured. And super cute. He is in a stall tonight and I expect I will stable him every night. We don't have many wild animals in the area, but I would sleep better knowing he is safely tucked into bed at night. He did nicker when we left the barn which also showed me he finds comfort in people. He is off to a very good start and the work you have done with him is obvious - the shipper also commented on the training you have done. I am looking forward to the journey ahead with Baron. Thanks again!
Regards, Jamie
Sexmith, Alberta, CANADA
Sonnys Coy Superstar

Sire: Sonnys Chance (grullo) Joaker out of Pixy Janes Star (Bay)

1998 AQHA - BAY - MARE

Good Day Linda!
Just a quick note to let you know that Skippy is doing great! She is really the greatest horse I have ever rode and I am so happy with her! I am planning to ride her in a schooling show in the middle of June. It will be a good low-key start to our showing career together. I also have her enrolled in another clinic to start eventing. Just kind of playing outside. She loves to jump and is very careful over those fences. A nice break from the dressage thing she can get a little worked up with all of the collection. She is absolutely stunning riding in frame jaws drop whenever she is looked at. Thanks again, Linda. Skippy is everything I have ever dreamed of and then some!!! I have to get some pictures taken of the two of us and Ill email some to you!
Regards, Jamie Simpson
Sexmith, Alberta, CANADA
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