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Linda Coehoorn
W11764 Rose-Eld Road - Ripon WI, 54971
All images are copyright by Country Hills Equestrian Center and Fanta C Graphics
Jesta Coy Snipper

Pixys Joak x Jesta Smokin Jessa

2010 Grullo Filly - IBHA T-27921 and AQHA #5278534 - Incentive Fund Nominated

7-2013 Conner just dinked around camp on Coy bareback for a few minutes. She even let him 'swing up' on her'. I wish I could do that! Did I mention this is a 3 y/o with less than 60 days of riding and only hauled 3 times in her life???? We are loving her! with Conner Davis, Ron Davis and Linda Coehoorn at Lake Sam Rayburn.
Nu Bars Silver Joak

2010 Smoky Grullo Gelding - IBHA P-27850 and AQHA #5464758 - Incentive Fund Nominated

Pixys Joak x Smoking Bars Bueno


Hi Linda,
Silver did wonderful on the trip home. We were worried he might get hot because it was in the low 90's in Iowa. But when we got him out of the trailer, he wasn't sweaty or nervous at all. He backed out of then trailer with no problem. My mother was here when we arrived. She couldn't believe how calm he was and how he stood patiently for me to unwrap his legs, groom him, and finish him off with fly spray. He's fitting in great and I can't wait to ride him again! I think I'll wait a couple days for it to cool down temperature wise.

Thanks so much! We love him!
Davenport, IA
Smokin Bars Bueno
(carries the creme gene)
2000 AQHA # 3934172 IBHA # T-26118 Grulla Mare 15.1 hands

On 8/11/2011 12:21 PM, Kathy wrote: *Mattie and I had our first ride this morning! She was so easy to handle when getting ready and was lovely on our ride. Afterwards our neighbors bull came up by the house. She saw him and just followed him along the fence examining him. Very interested but not concerned. I'm working on photos. Just having a ball! Kathy *

*...oh...Linda! Mattie is even more gorgeous in person! She doesn't seem concerned about all this. Alert certainly but not worried at all. She's behaving like she's always been here and she just came out of the field for treats and belly rubs! So quiet and kind! Thank you, thank you,thank you for allowing Mattie to be part of my life. I knew from the testimonials and her breeding and what I hear about how your horses are handled that she would be exceptional but she exceeds my hopes. I think it's corny when people talk about dream horses but now I'm saying it. I know Mattie is the horse I dreamed of finding for this time in my life. We will have quiet adventures on the trail and I can't wait. I feel like I must be 8 years old and it must be Christmas morning! I'm sure you'll hear a lot from me. I'll send photos soon!**Thank you ever so much! Kathy *
Joaks Silver Bonanza


May 27, 2009 AQHA #5175158
Grullo AQHA Gelding - 85% NFQHA IBHA #A-27580


As a new experience this month we have gone on trail rides alone and with various horses. We have crossed the creek, passed new objects, rode through puddles, mud, on deer trails and large water soaked areas. He has been both at the front and back of the ride. He has ridden with experienced and non-experienced horses and has listened to the rider well in both situations. He is quite willing and spooks as very little as compared to most horses his age. Chico was ridden bare back as a demo horse for camp kids in a crowd of school horses this past week. He did very well with horses passing him, riding too close and listening without a saddle. He was mounted from the mounting block which is also great practice.

Thanks, Jeff J.
Jesta Smokin Jessa

1992 AQHA # 3123777 IBHA # P-17755 Grulla 15 hands

Hi, Linda. Jess is doing really well. We had her shoes reset a few weeks ago and my farrier said her front feet look completely normal. We also dewormed her without incident, and she's completely bounced back from nursing--no ribs showing any more. I can't decide which mare is the alpha. Cymry often gives in to her, but I get the impression she's just humoring her little friend. If it's something that matters to Cym, she stands firm and runs Jess off. Shawn and I finally got out for a short trail ride weekend before last. He and Jessa both did just great! And most important, he had fun and wants to do it again. JJ continues to come out and ride her once or twice a week and spends lots of time grooming her. The attached picture was taken last weekend when all our nieces and nephews came out to carve pumpkins. JJ put her younger cousins to work helping her brush "her horse," who was very muddy from the recent rain. Maybe things will quiet down over the winter and you'll have time to make the CD.

Joaks Dark Pepper

Pixys Joak x Fit Tasmokem All

May 26, 2009 AQHA #5175157

Hi Linda, Pixy impressed everyone in the barn- we were brushing her& had her tied in the aisle within 1/2 an hour. She was right at home :-) I think she thought she was a princess, with all the shavings in her mane and tail the next day (the stall was well used, let me tell you! :-).I've been out to the barn every day. We've practiced walking, trotting&stopping with my body language, and lunged today. The barn vet thinks she's very well put together, and Deb's (owner) husband thinks she's the prettiest horse in the barn... after his mare!

I've taken lots of pictures, but she's so fuzzy, I'll wait until spring to send some good ones.

Hope to talk to you soon,
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